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Moderately cultivated land

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This accounts for about 12.5% of the country and includes land under rainfed peasant cultivation of grains, livestock grazing and browsing on unimproved or fallow land, and rainfed peasant perennial crop cultivation of coffee, enset and chat.

In contrast to the intensively cultivated land, patches of forest or bushes and large area under natural vegetation are present.

This type of land use and land cover is found around the intensively cultivated land on most of the highlands of Ethiopia, and an estimated 50% of the total land is used for annual crops during the cropping season and about 40% is under fallow or natural vegetation cover and is used for livestock grazing or browsing.

Perennial crop cultivation is more important in northern Sidamo, Kefa, Gamo Gofa, Ilubabor, southern Welega, southern Shewa, and in parts of highland Harerge than in the other parts of the country. In these regions it is estimated that only about 25% of the land is under annual crops during the cropping season.

(Source: National Atlas of Ethiopia)


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