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High forest

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The high forest region accounts for some 4.4% of the country and is found mostly in the southwest and south. It consists of coniferous high forest in parts of central, southern and southeastern highlands and of mixed high forest in the southwest.

The coniferous high forests consisting mostly of Podocarpus gracilior and Juniperus procera have been substantially depleted from most of northern and central Ethiopia and only patches remain.

The mixed high forest of mostly broadleafed species is found in most humid parts of the country in the southwest in parts of Ilubabor, Kefa, northern Gamo Gofa and in parts of Welega where the mean annual rainfall is about 1,500m.

In the more dense high forest region, about 80% of the total land area is under forest. About half of the total area designated as high forest, however, consists of disturbed high forest where parts of the forest are cleared for settlement and cultivation of perennial and annual crops. In these disturbed area only about 60% of the land is forested.

(Source: National Atlas of Ethiopia)


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