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Ethiopia: Coniferous forest region

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This region is dominated by 30 to 40 high Juniperus procera (tid, gatera) and Podocarpus gracilior (zigba, birbirsa) with the second storey consisting mostly of broadleafs. This covers about 14.1% of the country.

The Juniperus forest is best developed at altitudes between 2,300 and 3,100m with mean annual rainfall varying from 500 to 1,100mm.

The forest originally covered about 6.1% of the total area of the country in parts of the northern, central and southern highlands as shown on the map.

The more humid part of the Juniperus forest region is dominated by Hagenia (koso, feto) forest.

The Podocarpus forest is found at lower altitudes than the Juniperus forest and is best developed between 1,4000 and 2,200m altitudes with mean annual rainfall of 900 to 1,100mm. The intermediate storey of hardwoods is not well developed.

This forest covers about 8.0% of the country in the northern, central and southeastern highlands.

(Source: National Atlas of Ethiopia)


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