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Agriculture -Led –Industrialization (ADLI): The New Economic Policy of Ethiopia

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Based on the new economic policy, the Ethiopian government formulated a long-term economic development strategy known as -Agriculture -Led -Industrialization which is devised towards the renovation of the backward economic structure. It is a two-sided strategy, integrating:

• on one side the external sector (export -led part) and
• on the other the internal sector which explains the forward and the backward -relationship between agriculture and industry

In other words, agriculture will provide commodities for exports, domestic food supply and industrial output; and enlarge market for domestic manufactures. The mining sector is anticipated to give a momentum to the development of the export sector.

The country’s development strategy is maintained by an economic reform programme developed in cooperation with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and on a series of structural adjustment programmes.

Encouraging gains have been made from the reform programme, particularly as a result of liberalization, low inflation, fiscal discipline and low government borrowing, infrastructure improvement and the growth of the private sector.
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  • belachew Gujubo

    Ethiopia is the country of milts nationality, diversfied weather condition, and long standing government system resisted colonization influence in Africa. But Ethiopia had a black shading history in the past two reigns [imperial & Dreg]. The government of EPDRF had launched aggressive development, democracy& peace in the entire country and Horne Africa as well as the Whole Africa [esp. for peace]. According to practical situation in Ethiopia ADLI is exact direction to this country. Now the government of Ethiopia is prepared to apply new transformational plane to change the ADLI`s leading position by Industrial lead Economy after next 5 years. That mainly focused to doubling the agricultural production, containing infrastructural building [telecom, electrfication, rail-way, roads & anther]. Social service also will continuous in the same attention according to government reports. The may,2010 national election was clear sign of acceptance from the mass of this nation as result of the registered changes in different sectors & GDP. It is very promising that the government will achieve the transformational plane of the coming 5 years, if the nation and stack-holders fully participated in the process. Mean while the government involving every stack-holders in discussion of the plane so it will be approved in the parliaments in the coming weeks.
    I love Ethiopia ………. It will be changed.

  • behailu sahle


  • Simachew amare

    It is good and wholehearted idea . please continue try add new concepts as possible

  • Simachew amare

    It is good and wholehearted idea . please continue and try to add new concepts as possible

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